10 Highest Paid Actors

The year 2013 was a good year for cinema, at least in terms of revenues made by movie studios and actors alike. Even though it was the studios who made all the big money, we have to bear in mind that a sizable percentage went into the pockets of 2013’s highest paid actors.

Movies like ‘The Avengers’, ‘Magic Mike’, and ‘Les Miserables’ cashed in hundreds of millions at the box office, more than a billion for The Avengers actually. So without further ado, these were 2013’s highest paid actors in Hollywood.

1. Robert Downey Jr. – $75 million

With a worldwide gross of $1,518,594,910, The Avengers became the world’s 3rd highest-grossing film. Even the honor of being the leader of the Avengers belongs to Captain America rather than Iron Man; Robert Downey Jr. certainly benefited the most from playing Tony Stark in the film. Obviously, being the only crucial actor, demanding the most money must have actually been quite easy for Robert. In fact, he remained the highest-paid actor in Hollywood in 2013 too for his appearance in Iron Man 3.

2. Channing Tatum – $60 million

Regardless of the attention that his good looks garner, time and again Channing Tatum has proved that not only is he a good Hollywood actor but is also a clever businessman. The 2002 film Magic Mike was self-financed by Tatum Steven Soderbergh, who also directed the film, and was based somewhat on Tatum’s past experiences when he began working as a male stripper. Before becoming 2013’s second highest paid actor, Channing had already bagged millions after Magic Mike’s total gross of $113,721,571.

3. Hugh Jackman – $55 million

Acting, dancing, getting ripped, kicking butt and singing are the things that Hugh Jackman does quite frequently. Hugh is best known for his role as Wolverine in all the X-Men and Wolverine films. However, last year he also showed that he can also make viewers tearful through his performance. He was nominated for an Oscar for starring in Les Miserables as Jean Valjean and the musical film earned $438 million, while Hugh Jackman ended up becoming the Hollywood’s 3rd highest paid actor.

4. Mark Wahlberg – $52 million

It was not expected, but Ted turned out to be quite a hit in 2012. The comedy film about Ted, the alive and kicking teddy bear, had a total gross of $550 million, and Mark along with Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane wound up on that year’s top 10 highest paid actors. Last year, Mark was fourth on the list, rightfully so since he has shown that he is comfortable doing both comedy and drama, and he has even earned two Oscar nominations along the way.

5. Dwayne Johnson – $46 million

Formerly known as “The Rock” in WWE, Dwayne Johnson has been a bona fide Hollywood star for quite some time, especially after he earned the fifth spot on the top 10 highest paid actors list of 2013. Merely ten weeks had passed last year when one of Dwayne’s films found its way among the top 10 at the box office. Dwayne has become the star of the show in film franchises like Fast & Furious and G.I. Joe.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio – $39 million

Quite a few of Leonardo DiCaprio’s films have not be very jolly, considering that they often end with his character’s death but they definitely earn big and become a hit at the box office. Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, a 2013 adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, grossed $250 million at the box office. Not only did it become the most successful film by Luhrmann ever but Leonardo also became the 6th highest paid actor for starring in the film.

7. Adam Sandler – $37 million

Perhaps Adam Sandler should switch over to lending his voice to more animated films, since his recent live action films did not do very well at the box office. However, surprisingly, Adam’s animated film Hotel Transylvania ended up earning $347 million at the box office, becoming his biggest hit ever. Last year, Sandler made it among the list of Hollywood’s top 10 highest paid actors because earned a lot for starring in films, such as Grown Ups 2.

8. Tom Cruise – $35 million

Tom Cruise should never be underestimated and he proved this fact after starring in Jack Reacher in 2012. It is true that the film did not receive very favorable reviews and managed to earn just $80 million in the United States. However, Jack Reacher turned out to be a hit overseas, and ended up grossing a total $217 million. The importance of foreign box office can never be ignored, and thus, Tom managed to propel to the list of the top 10 highest paid actors the very next year.

9. Denzel Washington – $33 million

The estimated net worth of Denzel Washington, who is an actor, director, producer and screenwriter is $150. His remarkable acting skills and stunning good looks certainly pay off considering the millions that he ears. Therefore, it is not surprising that he too was among Hollywood’s top 10 highest paid actors in 2013. He was nominated for an Oscar for the very first time after he had starred in Cry Freedom, and he won Best Supporting Actor award the very next year for his role in Glory.

10. Liam Neeson – $32 million

The estimated net worth of Liam Neeson is $75. Despite a tragic past, Liam’s undoubtedly a Hollywood superstar. Considering the fact that he has starred in a string of films over the years, it should seem obvious that he did manage to make it among the highest paid actors of last year. He is best known for his roles in action and thriller films, especially in the Taken films. Taken 3 is expected to release this year and Liam reprises his role as Bryan Mills.

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