Splitz-All Log Splitter Review

We’ve come a long way to finally admit that it’s time for a change in log splitting. The many generations that endured the sorrowful usage of the ax would have kindly welcomed a tool to ease their duties. For us, it’s much simpler these days since log splitters have come to save our backs. Here, we are going to discuss central amenities that manual log splitters provide.

Why Splitz-All Log Splitter?

Spritz-All Log Splitter is Good N Useful’s signature product and its prospect doesn’t disappoint. This manual wood splitter fuses the effectiveness of a traditional ax with a drop of innovative aspects. Thus, you shall expect not feeling your back soaring or being soaking wet after a session of chopping wood.

First, Splitz-All excels versatility-wise since it comes in three different sizes (small, medium, or large) to suit your height and strength. On a similar note, the long handles allow easy fitting for both large and small logs.

Next, once you get to the actual operation, you’ll notice the plain easiness of the maneuvering procedure. Moreover, the model features sturdy material that ensures durability and effective performance.

Also, the splitter comes with an additional chain to hold together the log or a couple of smaller logs so you don’t have to pick the wood up every time you split it.

What are the key features of the Splitz-All Log Splitter

In contrast to the ax and the hydraulic wood splitter, Splitz-All stands out through its incorporation of affordability, rapidness, and safe use. Here we present you the main assets Splitz-All Log Splitter provides:

Easy Control. Whether you choose a small, medium, or large Splitz-All model, the splitter is fairly easy to handle and you can set it in the proper position without a hassle. Since the model actions by the rules of gravity, what you have to do is slide the driver up and down once you placed the wedge on the log. Also, if the wedge gets stuck in the log you’re splitting, the same repeated motion of the driver would easily unstick it.

Safety. A manual log splitter does a great job of avoiding hazards. Unlike using an ax, that not only consumes your energy but also usually ends with back pain, Splitz-All designed a product that saves energy and prevents unfortunate occurrences since the wedge tip holds itself steady to the log.

Fuel Efficiency. Intuitively, a manual log splitter doesn’t require any fuels to function. Along with this perk comes both a noiseless performance and the maintenance-free constitution.

Portability. Splitz-All will accompany you wherever you want to stack a pile of wood. Whether you are heading to the forest or simply in the backyard, the splitter provides a hand grip for you to easily carry the tool around. Also, you can turn the wedge tip upwards to fit it in narrow areas.

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