The Best Colognes That You Should Get Your Man This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. This is the time of the year that people show love to their significant others through getting them gifts.
But sometimes you are not sure what kind of gift to get your significant other. Ladies, this guide is for you. I want to make a suggestion to you all. If your significant other is a man and you would like to get him a gift and you still don’t know what to get him, why not just get him a nice cologne.

Now, I know that you are confused and you are already questioning yourself on which cologne to buy for your man, but worry not.

I intend on solving this problem in this post. Here, I will be providing you with the ten best colognes that will be perfect for your man. Let me warn you first: your man will love you more if you get him one of these colognes:

1) Versace Eros

Versace Eros
Versace Eros

I have placed this one as the first cologne in this list for a reason. Let me just start by telling you that Eros that is a mixture of mint leaves, green apple and lemon zest. Eros comes packaged with a bottle that has a the masculine color: turquoise.

This is the cologne that gets a lot of five star ratings on Amazon, the market place where majority of people shop. So why not just get your man one?

2) The cologne One million by Paco Rabane

One million by Paco Rabanne
One million by Paco Rabanne

This one was developed by these three guys: Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Mitchel Girard. The initial fragrance produced is a mix of reminiscent mint, sweet grape fruit and orange.

This cologne comes packaged in a container that resembles a gold bar.

3) Creed – Aventus

Creed - Aventus
Creed – Aventus

This cologne features fruity notes which include Corsican black currant, and italian bergamot. Oh, hold on, I almost forgot French apple and royal pineapple, The fruity notes don’t end there, there is the birch and patchouli too.

4) Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty
Gucci Guilty

This is a cologne introduced by Gucci back in 2011 to the market. This cologne has been known to have a very masculine scent. Now tell me, what man doesn’t love to smell masculine?

Gucci guilty has a woodsy scent that serves as its base. It is a mixture of amber, cedar and sandalwood fitted perfectly in the cologne. One of the best gucci cologne for men.

5) Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage
Dior Sauvage

The strongest notes found in this cologne are Ambroxan, pepper, and bermagot. These keep the fresh cent of the cologne all day long.

6) John Varvatos artisan

John Varvatos artisan
John Varvatos artisan

This is a blend of citric and herbal layers.

The major notes that stand out include: sicilian clementine, gingers and orange blossom. Ladies take note, if you do buy your man this cologne, it will make him attract those around him.

7) Dior homme intense

Dior homme intense
Dior homme intense

This will let people know that your man has someone around him who knows what she is doing when purchasing cologne.

It can be worn for both formal and non-formal events. It has top, middle and base notes. The top note include Laveder, the middle note includes Iris, ambretta and pear, finally the base note is made up of vetiver and virginia cedar.

So, there you have them. The top colognes that you can buy for your man this Christmas. Choose wisely, for all of them are awesome.

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